American Embassy Saigon Reunions

A Guide To Successful Events


Reunions are normally held to be a friendly get together of friends and families to renew old friendships and find new ones. 

Some hosts have different ways of hosting and everyone should be free to have their own style and type of event.  However, there are some things that have been proven to be a smashing success and some that are guaranteed to keep people from coming back.  Successful events need to be well planned and guided by a good team working together.  In the past the things that have worked well are:

1.    Hold an all personnel general meeting and have an open discussion about where and when people want to have the reunion.  There should be someone who will agree to host the reunion for each proposed site. 

2.    The site for the next event should be proposed, discussed and voted on at the banquet.  Careful planning should go into selecting a site.

3.    Once a host and site have been chosen it might be a good idea for the new host to ask someone who has hosted a successful event in the past for assistance and guidelines.

4.    The selected host should never be pressured to host an event nor should they feel any pressure to have certain events, tours, etc.

5.    There is not a lot of work to be done if the event is well planned and follows a proven outline, but it can be a nightmare otherwise.

6.    Keep it simple!  Most people will agree that the most successful events are the ones that are simple and informal.

7.    We are all getting older and none need to have a stressful schedule.  There should only be two events that everyone is expected to be at and they are the all personnel/general meeting Saturday morning and the banquet Saturday evening. 

8.    Any events or tours should be voluntary and not be events that will be physically taxing and exhausting to people.

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