The next reunion will be held in Norfolk Virginia starting on September 5th 2017 through September 9th 2017.  Click on the logo below to access the reunion website.

If you want to view any of our past reunions, click here to go to the past reunions website.  Rosters are available for each reunion as well as some pictures.  If you find that a roster is incorrect for any reason, please notify the webmaster, who will update them as necessary.  If you have any reunion photos that you would like to share, let the webmaster know and he will make arrangements with you to get them available and on the web site.

Hosting Reunions
Details on hosting reunions and a checklist can be found on the "Hosting A Reunion" page shown at the top of this screen.  Normally reunion hosts are selected at the current reunion; however, if nobody comes forward then it is possible that no more reunions will be held.  Candidates that would like to host a reunion who are not at the current reunion are requested to come forward and make themselves known with their location choice.  If you make your intentions know to Keith Birkhofer, it may be possible to have a reunion in your area.  Reunions are normally scheduled approximately every 18 months; however, the time span may be less.  Prior reunions have been in Myrtle Beach (twice), Las Vegas, San Diego, Quantico, New Orleans, Charleston, Seattle, Memphis, and Portland, Maine in 2008.  Please submit your selection to Keith Birkhofer.