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Jimi C. L. (pontiaclemansgt@gmail.com)
Date:2/4/2017 6:49:52 PM
Subject:Fall of Saigon

I recently became very interested in all aspects of the Vietnam War and most recently I have become very interested in our Embassy and have many good hearted questions. I have never seen pictures showing much of the inside of the Embassy (the Valdez Email photos were very intriguing) nor have I heard many accounts of Marines and other personnel that were still around those last few days, which I would find very interested. That building seems to have had a impact me, as I imagine it would of to a twenty year old Marine in the late 60's/ early 70's.


Danndy (0tq8l64i7i@mail.com)
Date:10/15/2015 12:14:48 PM

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Mohammad (ade4gmuc1y@mail.com)
Date:10/15/2015 5:56:39 AM

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Hafiz (061yxvucap@gmail.com)
Date:10/14/2015 4:22:35 AM

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Fadia (45ovuqo1@hotmail.com)
Date:10/13/2015 7:12:22 PM

siagon so wack for this. fuck outta here nigga, its america and%3Ca href="http://jveepeqhu.com"%3E ngaigs%3C/a%3E have the freedom to say whatever the fuck they want. its on you to raise your own damn kids. why he say the two rappers who are getting the most spins right now, instead of saying the people who might actually promote wild shit. rick ross and 2chainz rap the most generic shit ever theyre lyrics arent anything to be broken down to see the message the sending. 50cent one of the most influential rappers in the game is steady cosigning chief keef, why he aint name they names. 50 will give siagon the publicity he's craving right now. get at the program directors, the labels, not 2chainz fuck outta here


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