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Jonay (ox3392cz98@mail.com)
Date:12/12/2014 4:54:51 PM

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Camilla (bhgrdizw@mail.com)
Date:12/11/2014 9:55:33 AM

siagon so wack for this. fuck outta here nigga, its america and%3Ca href="http://kmueoxsps.com"%3E nggias%3C/a%3E have the freedom to say whatever the fuck they want. its on you to raise your own damn kids. why he say the two rappers who are getting the most spins right now, instead of saying the people who might actually promote wild shit. rick ross and 2chainz rap the most generic shit ever theyre lyrics arent anything to be broken down to see the message the sending. 50cent one of the most influential rappers in the game is steady cosigning chief keef, why he aint name they names. 50 will give siagon the publicity he's craving right now. get at the program directors, the labels, not 2chainz fuck outta here


Akasya (0gsbo7ng1fy@outlook.com)
Date:12/10/2014 7:03:15 AM

u r seriously saiyng if a man does not want he's kids to hear bad lyrics,that's the parents responsbility alone it'S a brain dead world sai my brother,forgive them! they not worth it to me. it's not becoz u don't understand saigon,it's becoz ur so confused about urselves, u don't understand him! that's it.u were never be raised in a responsible home urself, so thats why u don't understand sai. becoz theres nothin not to understand about that clean pure message. u beat ur children when they do something wrong prolly, right? yes u do, coz u that kind, if u support these dumb rappers. u r not responsible u r a loser not to understand this.these labels r winning. u realy listen to these songs at home with ur kids?Extrasupermadness.watch ur kids become that what will hurt u 1day and u know that it's not cool.but ur just pure idiots u need some sort of brain checking!


Ronnie Mullins (rrmullins@suddenlink.net)
Date:2/25/2014 11:30:36 AM
Subject:Marine Gunny in 72-73

Gunny Tomuschat, were you gunny for inside Marines or outside perimeter Company E marines?


xvbirmdz (zdimqa@sreqmp.com)
Date:10/8/2012 2:46:37 PM

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